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Fortinet Fortigate router

This tutorial was made by our user Mike (thanks Mike!) on a Fortigate 60E router running FortiOS 5.4.1

Please Note: Although technically you can use the L2TP / PPTP protocols, they have serious security flaws. Whenever possible, we recommend choosing OpenVPN or IKEv2/IPSec instead.

In order to setup L2TP on Fortigate router you will have to perform the following commands in your routers CLI Console which can be accessed as shown here.

Once the CLI is accessed you will have to perform the following commands:

config system link-monitor

NOTE: 'link-monitor' replaces 'gwdetect' in FortiOS v5.2+

edit "NordVPN"set srcint wan1set server protocol pingset gateway-ip

NOTE: Put the IP address of your WAN interface instead of

set status enableendconfig system interfaceedit wan1set l2tp-client enableconfig l2tp-client-settingsset defaultgw enableset user name@domain.comset password 12345678

NOTE: set your NordVPN username and password.

set peer-host vdom rootset l2forward enableset type physicalendconfig router staticedit 1set device wan1set dst priority 10nextend

Then reboot the Fortigate and it should be connected to our service.

If you want to connect to a different server just change the IP address in these lines:

set server peer-host dst

to any other IP from our server list.

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