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How to cancel a recurring payment subscription?

Note: This tutorial will show you how to cancel a recurring subscription, so that you would not be charged next time automatically. But it will not show you how to cancel your subscription, for instructions on how to do the latter, you should contact our support team.

If you purchase the subscription via PayPal or credit card, you will create an ongoing subscription as well.

In order to cancel this recurring payment, you can cancel it in your profile on our website:

  • Log in to your account on the NordVPN website,
  • Go to My Account,
  • click on Payments,
  • at the bottom you will see Cancel Subscription,
  • click on it and select the reason of the cancellation,
  • click on yellow Continue button.
  • Afterwards click yellow Continue button once again, and finally click on the yellow Cancel My Subscription button to verify your recurring subscription cancellation. 

For subscriptions made through iTunes, please check this Apple support article about iTunes subscription cancellation:

For subscriptions made on Google Play, you can cancel the subscription by following this guide:

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